Road Racing Schedule

2021 KS Region Road Racing Schedule

All Road Race Events are held at Heartland Motorsports Park.

April 24-25 Majors Club Racing/MiDiv Time Trials Event
July 10-11 Regional Club Racing/MiDiv Time Trial Event/Enduro

July 10-11 Fun on the Prairie Enduro

Ever want to run an enduro at Heartland Motorsports Park?  Thanks to KVRG and the Kansas and Kansas City Region SCCA you now have a chance to do so!  3 hours Saturday, 3 hours Sunday you and as many (or few) friends as you want can take on the Fun on the Prairie Enduro.  This is open to any competition licensed driver with an SCCA membership (weekend membership is also an option for drivers with another competition license outside of SCCA).  Minimum number of drivers per team is 1 (but no maximum).  Currently there will be no classing (subject to change depending on number of teams entered).  Come on out and have some fun with good friends for hours on end!

Register for the Fun on the Prairie Enduro here: